Get organised, dream big and tackle the day

Each Day was founded by husband and wife team Grant and Samantha and their close friend Ian, who combined their skills as a Graphic Designer, Primary School Teacher and Business Guru to achieve one goal - to design a simple and functional planner to meet the everyday needs of teachers and students.

Samantha was frustrated with the teacher planners and student diaries on the market. They were cluttered and difficult to use. Grant saw the potential for a well-designed, stylish solution. Ian had a drive to make this happen and so Each Day was born.

Each Day is devoted to developing quality products that assist teachers and students with planning and organisation so that every day runs as smoothly as possible.

The small business began in 2016 when an elite independent school in Sydney commissioned Each Day to design and create unique student diaries for their students. Now Each Day have student diaries in schools across Australia and Japan.

After gaining momentum, Each Day decided it was time to create a teacher planner. They surveyed over 200 educators across Australia and used this data to create the first Each Day Teacher Planner which was launched in 2018.

Each Day believes organisation is the key to inspiration, overcoming challenges and dreaming big. With an Each Day diary or planner students and teachers are empowered to build positive habits and achieve their goals.

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